Articles | 12.08.23

Sustainability Statement

At CAMS, our founding principle is to add value through superior management and operation of our clients’ energy infrastructure assets. We do not take this responsibility lightly: we treat the assets with which we are entrusted as our own. That’s why we encourage and empower our employees to pursue creative and sustainable business practices in all aspects of our work. We’ve seen first-hand the benefits sustainable practices can have on operational excellence, financial performance, safety, community relations, and the environment.

Environmental, Health& Safety and Regulatory Excellence

CAMS is committed to fostering a safe and health-conscious work environment for all our employees, whether they operate in the field or within office settings. Our commitment is reflected through the regular publication of quarterly EHS&R newsletters, which serve as a vital communication channel to keep our community well-informed about both previous and ongoing initiatives. These newsletters provide comprehensive updates on safety-related news, regulatory developments, and upcoming changes across various plants, facilities, and departments. Through transparent and proactive communication, we aim to ensure that every member of our organization is equipped with the knowledge and awareness necessary to prioritize safety in their daily activities.

Find our quarterly EHS&R newsletters below.


  • Q1 2021 EHS&R Newsletter: Q1 2021
  • Q2 2021 EHS&R Newsletter: Q2 2021
  • Q3 2021 EHS&R Newsletter: Q3 2021
  • Q4 2021 EHS&R Newsletter: Q4 2021




  • Q1 2024 EHS&R Newsletter: Q1 2024

To learn more about EHS&R initiatives at CAMS, visit our sustainability page or connect with one of our experts.