CAMS’ team of asset managers provides executive leadership and project management across multiple disciplines, handling day-to-day activities on behalf of our clients. Our commercial management services include accounting and finance, contract management and compliance, project development, and acquisitions and divestitures support. These asset management solutions can be scaled to meet clients’ needs.

Through consistent, open communication and regular site visits, we quickly identify technical, commercial, and operational issues that may arise. If and when this happens, CAMS provides a recommended action, then works closely with the owner to implement creative and sustainable asset management solutions. We also make owners aware of opportunities to maximize asset value. Our goal is to significantly improve our clients’ project performance and financial returns.


CAMS performs thorough analysis of all major cost categories to identify reduction and revenue optimization opportunities.

For power assets, CAMS offers a project-specific, web-viewable monitoring platform called eTRAC. This in-house developed software provides real-time data regarding market exposure and the effectiveness of current optimization strategies.

eTRAC is a CAMS proprietary software platform that provides real-time financial intelligence for energy generation assets. See how we can develop and execute an energy optimization strategy for your project.

We also deliver site-specific engineering solutions for wind turbine performance and analysis to maximize energy production.

What CAMS can do for you

Zero-based Budgeting

Execute a rigorous zero-based budgeting process, including recommendations for improved performance with economic analysis and justification


Provide real-time monitoring of regional energy market performance

Automated Reporting

Deliver automated reporting that provides visibility into partner and vendor performance


Enable detailed look-back evaluations for facility changes

Contract Administration & Compliance

CAMS represents clients’ interests by assessing inherent risks and potential downsides of various third-party agreements. We ensure strict adherence to these agreements, tracking compliance, focusing on debt service coverage ratios, monitoring balance sheet liquidity, and confirming appropriate levels of cash are on hand to meet financial requirements.

What CAMS can do for you

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risk associated with third-party contracts


Ensure covenant compliance and timely debt service

Cash Management

Control cash to maximize owner distributions

Relationship Management

Manage institutional relationships in a timely and proactive manner

Project Development & Management

The CAMS team has developed gas gathering and processing systems, oil and gas transmission and distribution pipelines, and more than 38,000 megawatts (MW) of power generation. We put commercial and technical experience to work for our clients, identifying opportunities to improve and expand assets around existing energy infrastructure.

What CAMS can do for you

Identify Opportunities

Identify efficiency and expansion opportunities

Project Management

Ensure adherence to project budget and schedule

Relationship Management

Manage key stakeholder relationships

Process Monitoring

Monitor end-to-end construction process

Transaction Services

Through CAMS Origination Services, we secure power purchase agreements (PPAs) for merchant MW. Our team has executed PPAs in all major U.S. energy markets and established relationships with utilities, energy marketers, and other wholesale participants. Our expert design and execution of these complex arrangements deliver cash flow certainty to our asset owners.

When a client decides to sell an asset, our team facilitates an efficient sale, starting with the initial documentation phase. CAMS supports the entire sales process, including data room organization, Q&A process management, site visit coordination, and ultimately purchase and sales agreement preparation. Our focus is securing the top market price for our clients.

What CAMS can do for you

Reduce Risk

Reduce asset risk to support monetizing cash flow

Prepare Presentations

Prepare teasers, confidential information memorandums (CIMs), and management presentations

Data Management

Manage all aspects of data room organization

Site Inspections

Conduct site inspections prior to sales process initiation

Sales Process Training

Coach site management and staff through the sales process

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