Solid Performance in a Cost-Effective Manner

As an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) service provider CAMS is focused on solid performance in a cost-effective manner. Our services are backed by a platform of financial, technical, commercial, and corporate support capabilities. We help our clients achieve their availability, reliability, environmental, safety, and regulatory compliance goals. Our team also has experience renegotiating collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) to align with business needs.

Our O&M team manages and operates a full range of power generation facilities.

Solar O&M and BESS Solutions

As a solar Operations and Maintenance service provider, CAMS offers various solutions. These include directly employing technicians, developing risk mitigation plans, and other services focused on improving leveled cost of electricity (LCOE) and revenues.

CAMS partners with FlexGen to provide services to battery energy storage systems (BESS). The partnership creates the first comprehensive services offering for BESS owners and investors, covering greenfield development and brownfield redevelopment. FlexGen’s proprietary HybridOS control system and proven ability to navigate the global procurement system, coupled with CAMS’ geographic scale and operational expertise, delivers a reliable and streamlined BESS solution.

CAMS views battery and solar O&M as increasingly linked, and understands the value to our clients of providing a one-stop-shop solar and battery O&M service offering. Those services are offered by the same CAMS unit to ensure a holistic approach, using cross-trained technicians where possible to maximize efficiencies and reduce pricing. CAMS currently provides battery O&M services on 12 sites located in ERCOT, including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, and solar O&M on numerous distributed sites across the U.S.


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Complete Care, Custody and Control

Our subject-matter experts have decades of experience overcoming O&M challenges. CAMS advises clients on start-up and commissioning, transition services, training, human resources, engineering, and project management.

What CAMS can do for you

O&M Ownership

Assume all day-to-day operations and maintenance responsibilities of a service provider

Facilitate Operations

Facilitate safe and reliable operations 24/7

Relationships Management

Manage key stakeholder relationships

Labor Relations

Reduce labor costs during CBA negotiations while improving labor relations

Regulatory and Compliance

Our team supports every aspect of environmental, health and safety (EHS) and regulatory compliance. Whether it is a start-up, a project we are transitioning, or an existing CAMS-managed facility, we return value to asset owners and minimize compliance risks by identifying improvement opportunities.

What CAMS can do for you

Risk Evaluation

Evaluate potential EHS and regulatory compliance risks

Regulations Management

Manage regulatory affairs and ensure compliance with all local, state and federal obligations and permits

Compliance Strategies

Develop NERC, FERC, EPA and OSHA compliance strategies and programs

Oversee Regulations

Monitor regulatory landscape

Engineering, Repair and Field Support

CAMS’ engineers and operations personnel are trained to develop asset-specific strategies that address routine, predictive, preventive, planned, and unplanned needs. These customized approaches are designed to deliver results without sacrificing performance.

What CAMS can do for you

Asset Strategies

Develop long-term technical strategies for assets

Manage Expenses

Cost-effectively manage routine and major maintenance expenses

Improve Operations

Apply our fleet management experience to improve operations

Valued Relationships

Leverage relationships with service partners and OEM companies

Construction Management

CAMS’ construction management services start with acquisition and continue through commercial operations. We collaborate with clients and their partners to develop and track budgets, report on performance, and address issues. We function as an extension of the client team, working side-by-side to ensure your interests are represented.

What CAMS can do for you

Identify Opportunities

Identify and pursue incremental revenue opportunities

Project Management

Ensure adherence to project budget and schedule

Relationship Management

Manage relationships with credit providers and rating agencies

Resolution Management

Resolve regulatory, contractual, commercial, or legal issues

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