CAMS provides accounting, finance, and institutional management for our clients, acting as the primary interface with lending institutions, credit agencies, taxing authorities, financial audit firms, and other stakeholders.

Our back-office capabilities include annual budget preparation, day-to-day accounting, monthly financial statements preparation, variance reporting, acquisition support, property tax, treasury, accounts payable, debt holder and credit rating agency management and compliance, and audit oversight.

Our accounting and finance professionals can also negotiate with local, state, and federal agencies to obtain public and private funding for infrastructure construction.

Our Back-Office Capabilities Include

Annual Budget Preparation

Day-To-Day Accounting

Monthly Financial Statements Preparation


Acquisition Support

Property Tax



Debt Holder and Credit Rating Agency


Full Back Office & Accounting Support

With experience at top-tier global accounting firms, our team embraces a client services mindset. We offer various levels of support ranging from revenue invoice preparation and collections management, to federal and state income tax filing, to serving as an outsourced accounting department.

What CAMS can do for you


Ensure GAAP or IFRS compliance


Maintain general ledger and prepare monthly closing calendar

Monthly Reporting

Generate financial reporting package (income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, and footnotes)

Annual Audits

Coordinate and manage annual audits

Client Financial Management

CAMS provides financial management services to ensure clients are able to meet their obligations.

What CAMS can do for you

Performance Metrics

Develop key financial reporting performance metrics

Relationship Management

Effectively manage institutional relations

Risk Management

Create and maintain financial solutions that align with risk management requirements and goals

Lending Institution & Stakeholder Engagement

CAMS serves as clients’ primary interface with lending institutions and other key financial stakeholders. We manage all debt facilities to verify covenant compliance and ensure timely debt service, avoiding costly interest penalties for missed deadlines.

Our team can also manage relationships with vendors and landowners.

What CAMS can do for you

Covenant Compliance

Ensure timely debt service and covenant compliance

Cash Management

Maximize owner distributions through cash management


Process vendor invoices

Tax Form Preparation

Issue 1099s to vendors, landowners, and other parties

Audit Management

CAMS has experience working with numerous third-party audit firms and will manage and coordinate clients’ responses to auditors’ requests.

What CAMS can do for you

Firm Selection

Assist with audit firm selection

Timeline Management

Manage audit timeline to ensure on-time completion

Reduce Fees

Reduce auditor fees with GAAP-focused CPAs

Prepare Statements

Prepare financial reporting statements and footnotes

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