Press Release | 03.27.24

St. Charles Energy Center
St. Charles Energy Center

HOUSTON – Consolidated Asset Management Services (CAMS), a fully integrated service provider for owners of energy infrastructure assets, announced today that it won two coveted Combined Cycle Journal (CCJ) Best Practices Awards in the magazine’s 2023 competition. St. Charles Energy Center, operated by CAMS, and Kings Mountain Energy Center, under CAMS management, received the awards.

An industry leader in operations and maintenance and asset management, CAMS has won a total of 81 CCJ Best Practices Awards since 2013.

“CAMS maintains the highest operational standards while constantly looking for opportunities to safely and reliably improve performance,” said CEO and founder of CAMS Joseph W. Sutton.” These awards are a testament to that dedication and our ability to meet and exceed our clients’ goals.”

CCJ’s annual Best Practices Awards recognize contributions made by plant and office personnel to improve the safety and performance of generating facilities powered by gas turbines. Nearly 40 plants participated in the 2023 program. CCJ launched the industry-wide Best Practices Awards in 2004.

The St. Charles Energy Center is located in Waldorf, Maryland. The center generates electricity for about 700,000 homes and has a total installed capacity of 745 megawatts (MW). This energy center offsets carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to removing more than 795,000 cars from the road. The Kings Mountain Energy Center is a 475 MW gas-fired, combined-cycle facility located in Kings Mountain, NC.

For the complete CCJ Best Practices announcement, visit the CCJ online.