Press Release | 08.03.16

HOUSTON – The Combined Cycle Users Group (CCUG) announced that CAMS Juniper, LLC – Corona Energy Partners Facility Plant Manager, Wayne Kawamoto will receive a 2016 Individual Achievement Award. The award will be presented at a joint luncheon for attendees of the Combined Cycle, Steam Turbine, and Generator Users Groups on Tuesday, August 23, 2016, in San Antonio.

Individual Achievement recognition is earned by industry professionals who have demonstrated excellence throughout their careers in the design, management, construction, operation, and/or maintenance of generating facilities powered by gas turbines.

Mr. Kawamoto is being honored for his career-long commitment to create and grow the Western Turbine Users Group, Inc. (WTUI), which began in the break rooms of Southern California’s power producers in the early 1980s. Mr. Kawamoto is a proactive supporter of owners/operators in rectifying design shortcomings of early aero-powered generators and has served as Treasurer of the WTUI since its incorporation in 1990. Today, WTUI hosts over 1,200 attendees at their meetings and conferences, an impressive increase from the four attendees at the first meeting.

Mr. Kawamoto was selected by the CCUG’s Awards Committee chaired by Andy Donaldson of WorleyParsons. Committee members include Jimmy Daghlian of NV Energy and Brian Fretwell of Calpine.