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A 150-year old ductile iron pipe foundry needed to be redeveloped into a 155-acre commercial development on the New Jersey Turnpike. This $25 million development would be completed over four years and add 700 jobs to the local community.


CAMS became the managing general partner in the purchase, demolition, remediation, and redevelopment of the former pipe foundry. We completed subsurface remediation, which included heavy metal contaminants, leaking underground storage tank removal and soil remediation, groundwater remediation, and Delaware River shoreline remediation. CAMS also imported 800,000 cubic yards of alternative fill to raise grade above the Hurricane Sandy Flood Plain, making the site suitable for 1.2 million sq. ft. of warehouse distribution space.


CAMS negotiated with the local municipality and county to rezone the site and obtain a 10-year PILOT. We also enrolled the project in the New Jersey Protection Divison’s Brownfield Redevelopment Program.

1.2 million square feet of warehouse distribution space safely cleared for a $25 million commercial development.

1.2 million

square feet of warehouse distribution space cleared

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