Press Release | 11.12.14

Consolidated Asset Management Services (CAMS) was recognized as the most “successful operating company for this year” at the 39th Annual Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum Spring Turbine Users Conference and Trade Show held April 5, 2014 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. CAMS received 12 Best Practices Awards including one Best-of-the-Best Award.

In earning these awards and this recognition CAMS outdistanced second place NAES Corp who won seven (7) awards and third place Wood Group GTS Power Plants Services who earned four (4) awards. “This is a great honor for CAMS and all of our dedicated employees. It supports our goal to be the recognized leader in turbine maintenance and operations,” said CAMS CEO, Joseph W. Sutton.

Of the eight 2014 awards categories, CAMS was recognized in the following: Operations and Maintenance, Performance Improvements, Plant Safety, Workforce Development, and Monitoring and Diagnostics. The scorecard used by judges considers business value, degree of complexity, staff involvement, external coordination, and duration of value. Details of the awards can be found online at the Combined Cycle Journal (CCJ) website http://www.combinedcyclejournal.com/Index.html as well as in the CCJ Onsite CTOTF conference issue http://www.ccj-online.com/onsite/.

CAMS received awards at the following facilities:

Effingham County Power

  • Operation and Maintenance Award (two awards) for the preventive damage measures for water wicking cables and using designated equipment to transfer oil.
  • Performance Improvements Award for the CT exhaust thermocouple failure management control logic.
    Sabine Cogen LP
  • Plant Safety Award for the development of a system that clearly distinguishes each of the site’s confined spaces.
    Lea Power Partners
  • Operation and Maintenance Award (two awards) for the chilled water switch on the fly and turbine purge air modification.
    Mid-Georgia Cogen
  • Operation and Maintenance Award for the steam turbine generator electrical overspeed trip monitor supervisory system.
  • Performance Improvements Award for the enhanced CT enclosure vent fan control.
    CAMS East Region Fleet
  • Workforce Development Award for the workforce development program.
    Blackhawk Station
  • Performance Improvements Award for the exhaust bearing tunnel conduit cooling air modification.
    Walton County Power LLC
  • Operation and Maintenance Award for the turbine enclosure ventilation upgrade.
    Corona Cogen
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics Award for the interactive plant management system.

Established in 2007, Consolidated Asset Management Services (CAMS) is a privately held company, headquartered in Houston, Texas. CAMS provides quality, competitively priced management, commercial and operations services to the Power Generation, Exploration & Production and Midstream sectors of the Energy industry. CAMS emphasis is on providing clients with significant bottom line results and demonstrated value creation, all while operating and maintaining facilities safely, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. CAMS comprehensive range of services includes: Asset Management, Operations and Maintenance, Construction Management, Commissioning and Start-Up, Engineering, Repair and Field Support, Commercial Origination and Optimization, and Project Development.