In addition to providing asset management, operations and maintenance, and financial services, CAMS has expertise in several complementary areas. Our team can ensure compliance with specific regulatory requirements like North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards, or advise on broader environmental, health, and safety activities.

CAMS’ technical services include deconstruction and redevelopment, corrosion engineering and pipeline integrity, environmental consulting, and IT support. Clients also engage us to conduct due diligence for mergers and acquisitions or support human resources programs.

CAMS Ancillary Services


CAMS can support all compliance needs at a fraction of the cost of full-time employees. Services include providing training for Environmental, Health and Safety and operations representatives, managing local, state, and federal regulatory affairs, and supporting day-to-day compliance obligations.

Program Management

Manage all environmental programs

Staff Support

Provide on-site or remote support during staffing changes or extended employee leaves

Regulations Monitoring

Monitor regulations to identify emerging areas of interest for operations


Negotiate settlement of violations

Prepare Filings

Prepare regulatory filings

Health & Safety

Strong health and safety performance is driven by strong leadership. CAMS’ can help clients establish a clear vision and promote team-focused values that they will embrace. We train supervisors and managers to set the standard, driving real behavioral change from the top down. Our team also partners with leadership to establish clear metrics and tracks performance improvement.

What CAMS can do for you

Safety Training

Coach leadership and develop programs to enhance safety culture

Health & Safety Assessment

Conduct an impartial assessment of current health and safety programs

Organize Drills

Coordinate emergency response drills

Change Management

Support Management of Change (MOC) processes


NERC compliance reliability standards are paramount for all power generation asset owners. Our team conducts a detailed review of all procedures, documents, calendars, and agency correspondence to identify risks and recommend a plan to address findings. Once the compliance scope has been determined, CAMS develops a site-specific NERC program and provides ongoing management support.

What CAMS can do for you

Audits & Reviews

Conduct on-site audits and drawing reviews to determine compliance gaps

Compliance Registration

Register facilities with compliance entities

Audit Preparation

Provide in-person NERC/FERC audit preparation

NERC Filings

Ensure NERC regulatory filings are completed correctly and timely submitted

Cybersecurity Evaluations

Perform cybersecurity evaluations and manage program implementation

Deconstruction & Redevelopment

CAMS provides management solutions to asset owners requiring decommissioning, demolition, environmental remediation, and redevelopment services. Our capabilities allow owners to focus on their core competencies as we provide due diligence and project management services. Owners can then understand the full picture of opportunities and associated liabilities for the asset. Following our assessment, we oversee execution of the deconstruction and redevelopment plan.

What CAMS can do for you

Asset Valuation

Assess the salvage value of assets

Remediation Appraisal

Estimate costs of above-ground environmental remediation, specifically asbestos abatement and other hazardous material remediation

Liabilities Evaluation

Evaluate below-ground environmental liabilities

Project Management

Project manage entire deconstruction, remediation and redevelopment process

Corrosion, Engineering & Pipeline Integrity

Our NACE-certified, technical and field services experts from our subsidiary, CAMS Trident, help clients protect their valuable midstream infrastructure. Technical and field services include designing, installing, and monitoring cathodic protection systems for both onshore and offshore assets. We specialize in AC mitigation, ECDA surveys, and all PHMSA/RRC requirements and regulations.

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What CAMS can do for you

Data Processing

Provide full-scale survey, data collection, and processing

AC Mitigation

Coordinate AC mitigation design, installation and monitoring

Experience Guided

Leverage our more than 70 years of experience to recognize challenges in the field before they occur

Infrastructure Maintenance

Utilize survey results and findings to provide ongoing infrastructure maintenance

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Due Diligence

To support the acquisition of new energy assets, we offer due diligence and management services to identify and evaluate project risks and opportunities. CAMS provides expert review and scenario assessments of data room material, prepares management presentations, and coordinates site visits and seller engagements. We tailor our diligence assessments to meet our clients’ needs. For example, we can evaluate one or more of the following key areas: engineering, human resources and benefits, contracts, operations staffing, information technology, environmental, insurance, and ESG. At the conclusion of our efforts, we provide clients with a lender-ready report to help them make a final buying decision.

What CAMS can do for you

Owner Representation

Represent owners’ best interest throughout the transaction process

Subject Matter Experts

Provide subject-matter expertise and support

Evaluate Risks

Identify and evaluate potential risks and opportunities

Data-driven Recommendations

Inform final buying decision with data-driven recommendations that align with best practices

Environmental Consulting

CAMS owns a full-service multimedia Environmental Consulting firm, CAMS eSPARC. eSPARC’s engineers, geologists, and legal experts offer strategic environmental services for energy, refinery, chemical, and manufacturing businesses. We provide tailored, client-focused solutions to complex environmental issues.

To help clients balance financial and operational performance with ever-increasing ESG Program expectations, our sustainability experts develop and execute programs that address specific challenges. This includes establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure progress toward goals.


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What CAMS eSPARC can do for you

Permit Applications

Develop federal and state air permit applications, including dispersion modeling

Environmental Assessments

Conduct environmental due diligence assessments

Audit Coordination

Coordinate voluntary and protected audits

Environmental Liaison

Serve as an environmental assessment and remediation liaison

ESG Program Design

Design and implement sustainability-focused ESG programs

Human Resources

CAMS provides a comprehensive suite of HR services. Our team can create or update employee handbooks and other policies, write EEO reports, and conduct HRIS audits. We can also implement our cloud-based payroll software to streamline and modernize human capital management.

We understand the delicate balancing act of attracting, supporting, and developing employees while minimizing employer-related risks. Our consulting services help businesses align with the latest workforce management and company culture best practices while improving their bottom line.

What CAMS can do for you

Improve Benefits Programs

Improve compensation and benefits management program

Facilitate Goal Setting

Facilitate departmental goal and objective setting to drive desired behavior

Labor Relations

Reduce labor costs during CBA negotiations while improving labor relations


Ensure regulatory compliance

Information Technology

Through our subsidiary, CAMS Bluewire Technology, we offer enterprise, network and workstation IT support services. Our expertise ranges from design and deployment to ongoing IT support of systems and applications. CAMS applies the latest technologies to enhance project efficiency and increase profitability.

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What CAMS Bluewire can do for you

IT Support

Provide unlimited IT support remotely or onsite in the Houston, Texas area

Cybersecurity Management

Manage cybersecurity programs and anti-virus software for all covered computers and services

Infrastructure Monitoring

Offer 24/7 monitoring of IT infrastructure

IT Product Sourcing

Provide technical product sourcing and procurement services

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