NERC Compliance

Whether it is a new start-up, a transitioning project, or an existing CAMS-managed facility, our team works diligently to return value to the owners and minimize compliance risks. Our main focus is protecting your interests in your asset(s). Here are a few of the many compliance services we provide:  

Risk Assessment

We identify all compliance risks, provide recommended courses of action to resolve any gaps, and determine any additional support needs. This process includes in-person visits to your sites to review documentation and discuss your NERC Program with management personnel. Additionally, we conduct a detailed review of all procedures, compliance documents, calendars, and agency correspondences. Upon completion, a detailed list of findings and recommendations is provided. These assessments have been vital to our clients when identifying compliance risks and determining compliance scope. 

Program Development

Once your compliance scope has been determined, we can develop a site-specific NERC program for you. We work with operations personnel at each site to ensure the program aligns with existing plant procedures and processes, thereby ensuring a smooth transition during implementation. In addition to providing all the procedures required to be fully compliant with NERC, we also develop a compliance calendar to simplify tracking of all required actions. Lastly, members of our team will provide onsite program training, including a detailed walk-through of the entire program for management and other impacted personnel. 

Program Management

After setting up your program, we monitor appropriate documents and communicate with plant personnel to ensure smooth execution of the program. To ensure  on-going compliance with the ever-evolving NERC standards, updates are provided for each facility’s compliance program as necessary. Lastly, and most importantly, we provide experienced, critical subject-matter expertise and support for all compliance-related issues, including full compliance audit support. 


We develop specific asset strategies and designs, implement regulatory programs, and monitor and manage all reporting requirements, filings, and audit procedures. We do this all while utilizing the CAMS “best practices” standards to ensure continuous process improvement. Our group monitors NERC/FERC for regulatory changes that may potentially affect plant operations at any of our clients’ facilities. Updates are provided for the clients’ program as necessary to make it more efficient, easier to follow, and to ensure all regulatory procedures are fully compliant with NERC, FERC, and Regional Entity requirements. 

Audit Assistance

Our group also monitors NERC/FERC for updated calendars and schedules to inform clients of an impending audit. When flagged for an audit, we send experienced personnel to the facility who conducts an in-person audit preparation with management and operational personnel. Also, we ensure that all compliance documentation is prepared and readily available; helping facilitate a timely and obstacle-free audit. A high level of support is provided throughout the entire audit process, providing plant personnel with ease of mind. 

One-Time Services

In addition to providing a suite of on-going compliance programs, our group offers many one-time-only services such as:

  • Transitioning Ownership
  • Audit Preparation
  • Self-Certification Assistance
  • Any other NERC services requested

CAMS NERC Areas of Expertise

Through participation in day-to-day operations, our team is readily able to identify areas of compliance that require improvement. Once identified, we provide the requisite expertise to modify our clients’ program efficiently and seamlessly to restore compliance. Examples of support include: 
  • On-site audits as well as drawing reviews to determine any potential compliance gaps.
  • Enact plans to address all compliance gaps.
  • Provide oversight contracting and managing any engineering projects necessary for NERC Regulatory Compliance.
  • Develop site specific NERC Compliance Programs for facilities.
  • Perform on-site training of the NERC Compliance Programs.
  • Register facilities with overhead compliance entities and ensure all necessary NERC regulatory obligations are fulfilled.
  • Ensure all NERC regulatory filings and periodic information submittals are completed correctly and on-time.
  • Provide NERC corporate support and oversight for each facility, including answering any questions and providing guidance as required.
  • Inform each facility of new or changing NERC regulations that affect them. Include each affected facility on the CAMS quarterly NERC update call.
  • Provide each facility with assistance contracting engineering support for NERC compliance work.
  • Perform facility “self-audits” to ensure cost-effective, continuous improvement.