Deconstruction & Redevelopment

CAMS’ Deconstruction Group provides a turnkey solution to owners of assets requiring demolition, environmental remediation and redevelopment services. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, S&S Deconstruction, partners with well respected and established industry leaders to conduct comprehensive due diligence in order to:
  • Assess the salvage value of a site’s assets
  • Determine if any of the existing equipment has re-sale value
  • Estimate the costs of demolition
  • Estimate the costs of any above-ground environmental remediation, principally asbestos abatement and PCB containment and clean up
  • Assess below-ground environmental liabilities
  • Consider redevelopment strategies
Following its assessment, S&S Deconstruction provides a complete solution to owners of assets, which includes:
  • Demolishing structures down to the slab foundations
  • Removing all deconstruction materials from the site
  • Implementing long-term, below-ground, environmental programs designed to provide the owners with “no further action” letters from relevant state and federal environmental regulatory bodies
  • Redeveloping sites for more efficient commercial uses, if desired and appropriate