Operations & Maintenance

CAMS’ operations and maintenance (O&M) services are focused to ensure that every asset we start-up, transition and manage operates at optimum performance and on a cost-effective basis.The CAMS team delivers “value added” O&M services by implementing a proven protocol of documented programs, processes and procedures. Backed by a platform of financial, technical, commercial, and corporate support capabilities, these services are focused on delivering efficient operation, high availability, reliability, environmental and safety excellence, and regulatory compliance. CAMS strives to manage your facility based on your goals and bottom line performance objectives.Adhering to industry “best practices,” our skilled operations, technical services and corporate staff bring decades of experience and expertise in engineering, project management, start-up and commissioning, transition services and support, training, and maintenance and operations, allowing them to manage your facility to the highest standard.

How CAMS benefits its O&M clients:

  • CAMS’ team of O&M professionals has maintenance and operating experience with all major equipment manufacturers, including GE (aero-derivatives and frame units), Siemens, Westinghouse, Mitsubishi, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and Toshiba.
  • CAMS’ team of O&M professionals has experience in the management and operation of facilities with varying fuel types, including natural gas, coal, fuel oil, and from renewable sources (bio-mass, solar, wind). CAMS also has experience in district heating and cooling, co-generation, simple cycle, and combined cycle applications.
  • CAMS provides complete transition and start-up and commissioning services, including comprehensive training and operations support services required for facilities beginning initial operations and for those already in operation.
  • We deploy a team of subject-matter experts to assess operational performance, personnel qualifications and performance, existing policies and procedures, including environmental health and safety (EH&S) programs, using a Best Practices Review Program developed by CAMS’ operations support staff.
  • CAMS ensures all facilities are staffed at appropriate levels with qualified management and operating personnel.
  • Comprehensive regulatory and environmental health and safety programs are established and monitored to ensure compliance with all regulations.
  • CAMS actively participates in user groups and has a strategic service provider, supply chain and technical resource network established to allow us to specifically manage maintenance expense in a cost-competitive manner.