Engineering, Repair and Field Support

CAMS provides clients with technical services and support to meet their engineering, repair, parts, and field support needs. CAMS’ technical team includes highly experienced engineers and technical personnel from our corporate and regional operations groups. Trained to address your routine, predictive, preventive, planned, and unplanned maintenance needs, CAMS proactively assists clients in developing an “asset-specific” maintenance strategy. Our technical experts and our supply chain network deliver clients the optimum, most cost-effective services and programs to manage their engineering and maintenance support needs.

How CAMS Benefits its Engineering, Repair and Field Support clients:

  • CAMS’ strategic service, supply chain and technical resource network allows us to manage routine, predictive, preventive, and major maintenance expenses in a cost-competitive manner.
  • We provide dedicated, technical experts to assist clients in developing an optimum long-term technical strategy for their asset.
  • CAMS leverages our significant technical fleet management experience, shop and maintenance assets and service network (including partner and OEM relationships), to achieve clients’ engineering, maintenance, operational, and financial performance objectives.