Aero-Derivative Turbine Maintenance

As part of ANZGT Field Services, CAMS’ Turbine Maintenance Group (TMG), located in Bakersfield, California, provides field-level maintenance for aero-derivative engines, including the GE LM-2500, LM-5000 and LM-6000 engine lines. Our experienced turbine specialists come from a variety of backgrounds, including military jet engine programs and civilian airlines. Technicians have been trained and qualified through in-house programs, with a majority also possessing U.S. NAVY gas turbine technical training.Our turbine maintenance facility consist of a 5,000 square foot shop with tooling for level one, two and some level three maintenance, field-level turbine balancing, and turbine-generator optical alignment.

How CAMS benefits its Aero–Derivative Turbine Maintenance clients:

  • We provide our clients high-quality field service support and turbine maintenance shop services for their GE LM aero-derivative fleet.
  • We have a team of highly trained technicians ready to perform field service on a 24/7 basis.
  • We operate a large turbine maintenance facility located in Bakersfield, California, capable of providing level one, two and three services.