Asset Management

CAMS’ team of highly qualified Asset Managers provides executive leadership and management across multiple disciplines. From the development or acquisition stage, through ongoing commercial operations, we take responsibility for the oversight, management and tracking of your project(s). This includes working with partners and staff to develop and track budgets, report on project performance, identify and address issues that arise, and recognize opportunities to add value and improve results. CAMS diligently seeks ways to significantly improve project performance and client’s financial returns.

How CAMS benefits its Asset Management clients:

  • We represent your interests to ensure maximum profitability and return. CAMS begins by preparing a rigorous zero-based budget including recommendations for improved performance with economic analysis and justification.
  • We identify opportunities to enhance performance of your assets on an operational and commercial basis.
  • We identify and pursue incremental revenue and cost reduction opportunities outside of existing contracts.
  • Through regular contact and site visits, we are attentive to technical, commercial and financial issues related to your project(s).
  • We manage day-to-day relationships with credit providers and credit rating agencies as well as provide all project document compliance, financial statement preparation, cash flow forecasts, as well as facilitate the completion of annual external audits.
  • Performance reports are issued on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • We provide support to your project staff, as needed, to manage and resolve regulatory, contractual, commercial, or legal issues.