Results Driven

At CAMS, we move businesses forward. We help our clients prosper in the modern dynamic of an evolving energy infrastructure that demands resilient management processes.

As an energy services provider, CAMS is unique in that it partners with its clients to develop ESG and decarbonization strategies. CAMS drives measurable results, while others may simply check the box with policies such as environmental compliance and waste minimization.

Whether your partnership with CAMS begins with a due diligence effort, a best practices review, operations and maintenance management, or asset management services, our leaders begin their deep dive into the ESG issues that are material to your operation on day one. We explore diverse areas such as asset expansion, equipment and site modification, asset retirement management, asset optimization, climate resilience, cybersecurity, procurement, succession planning, human resources, IT infrastructure, community involvement, contracting mechanisms, and of course, environmental and resource management.

The result is a plan to build financial success and increase the client’s competitive advantage through practices that may be sustained throughout ownership and beyond.

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