CAMS ESG Strategy: Leading the Way

Driving Innovation, Leading Sustainable Infrastructure

Since 2007, CAMS has managed energy assets that provide reliable fuel, transportation, and power to grids throughout the U.S. and Europe. We produce electricity that hospitals, schools, and businesses need to operate. We keep the lights on during periods of extreme weather and other emergencies, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Our stringent safety protocols prevented the spread of the virus at our facilities and ensured uninterrupted delivery of energy and fuel.

CAMS’ services include lifecycle management of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues for all facility and industry types. We are partners in the ArcLight Clean Transition Corp. which seeks to identify and support market leaders that will accelerate the transition to a sustainable decarbonized energy infrastructure.

Our ESG Strategy is based on four fundamental components that reflect our company-wide commitment.

  1. Results Driven
  2. Leadership Nucleus
  3. Team Sponsorship
  4. Foster Perpetual Value
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